The Best of What’s Around: How Distributed Workforce Models Deliver Talent Like Nothing Else

Law firm managers have always preferred to have staff onsite; and, ever since the pandemic hit in March 2020, that’s been less likely to actually occur.  Even now, many law offices are either entirely remote or adhering to hybrid arrangements, where attorneys and staff are sometime in the office, and sometimes at home.  Now, that may not be likely to change, even as the majority of the population is vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In many cases, law firms view this as a hassle, and something to overcome.  But even if few law firms see an obvious upside to the arrangement, there is a significant one; and, it involves simple math being applied to the notion of a talent pool.

It works like this: If your law office is able to hire in-person talent from a specific location (i.e. – within driving distance of your physical office or accessible via commuter transport options), that is a finite geographic area, and necessarily limits your talent pool, from which you can hire.  Now, if you’re offering positions that aren’t geography-centric, you’re in a position to hire from a larger talent pool.  For staff, that means you can hire anyone in the world.  For attorneys, you can access people in far-flung locations, across the state, or in other states, depending on licensure status.  It’s simple math that the larger your hiring pool, the more and better candidates you can access.

Plus, your next employees, millennials, prefer the flexibility that work from home provides.

So, if you want the best people to work for your law firm, take advantage of the current opportunity to intentionally craft the distributed workforce you want.

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If you need to look beyond traditional hiring methodologies, we can help.

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