The Big Picture: Four Ways to Up Your Video Conference Game

As much as you might dread the next Zoom meeting.  And the one after that.  And the next one.  And the one after that one . . . video conferencing is here to stay.

But, being at home, it’s easy to get blasé about how you treat those video conferences.  It’s no sweat to keep the sweatpants on, to half-comb your hair, to sneak an Oreo.  Of course, you’d never do that at an in-person event.  And, if you’re a lawyer who’s feeling like your in-person presence far outstrips the effectiveness of your online presence, there are four simple things you can do to up your game.

  • You can start by checking in on the quality of your webcam.  Some of the webcams that are built into laptops or desktops are less than stellar.  You can, however, ramp up to a crystal-clear image if you buy a better webcam that can be mounted on your device.  There are HD options available, with lighting built in, that can track your movements.  Start by checking for options on Amazon.
  • Sound is essential to a good video conference experience, so consider buying a microphone, to increase your fidelity.  Shure and Blue make great mics, that are also cost effective.
  • And, if you want to take the extra step to eliminate background noise, Krisp is an inexpensive app built for the purpose.
  • Lastly, you might consider a video conference background.  (Not a cat filter.)  Even if you’re not trying to hide the mess in your office, a virtual background can be useful for branding.  There are default backgrounds in video conference tools, but you could opt to have one professionally designed featuring your logo, which can be an effective marketing tactic.

These are relatively simple, inexpensive steps any lawyer could take, to look better online.

. . .

If you want to upgrade your video conference experience, we can help!

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