The Say Hey Kid: The Simplest Tickler in Your Calendar is Also the Most Important

Most attorneys are “good lawyers.:  They do good work; they’re conscientious and thorough, to boot.  And the traditional advice on that topic was that if you simply did good work, the clients would flock to you and be happy. That sounds like a wonderful fairy tale, because it is.  It’s just not true that doing good work is enough to keep your clients happy.

Modern consumers are more demanding and expect consistent updates.  They’re obsessing over their cases and expect the same from you.  And if you’re working diligently behind the scenes, they won’t believe it unless you tell them.

Doubting Thomases, all.  And the same solution applies here. If you want to make sure your clients are happy with what you’re doing, put a recurring four-week tickler on your calendar to reach out to each active client of the firm.  Then, do it.

That’s it.  That’s the magic formula. Even if you don’t have an update to make, your clients will feel cared for, because most attorneys only contact their clients if they want something, including more money. It’s a small effort, that goes a long way.

. . .

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