To Serve Man: The Time to Adopt the Cloud Is Long Past

Remember that old Twilight Zone episode?  (It’s a cookbook!)

Well, this time, it’s not hungry aliens that are coming for us: it’s your server, and what it really wants is your wallet.

If you haven’t fully adopted cloud software, you’re likely storing your documents and email on a server.  But, there are a lot of associated costs for maintaining physical servers, like: the space they require, their need to be cooled, the electricity they suck up, the requirement to manage your own data backup and the frequent replacement cost.

But, when you are entirely cloud-based, you’re essentially renting server space from another entity (probably Amazon or Google, even if you’re using another vendor), and all those affiliated costs go away.  And, since the cloud is essentially eternal (at least so far as your lifespan is concerned) the replacement cost never accrues.  Instead, you pay monthly or annual fees for the use of data storage containers.  If a server does go down, that’s on your provider to replace it; and, because your data is backed up (by someone else), it’s not lost (which it could be, if you screwed up your own data backup), it’s just replicated within a new container.

Add to that the fact that cloud storage is usually more secure than the traditional law firm document storage model, peppered as it is with paper files and post-it notes — and, you’ve got a winning combination.

If you go cloud, you won’t go back.  And, at this point: you’ve probably already waited too long.

So, get to where you need to be.  Your wallet will thank you.

. . .

If you need some reassurance that the cloud is right for you, we can help.

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