Tragedy In Medicine Bow Descent Subject of 2015 Wyoming Mock Trial

Students competing in the 2015 Wyoming High School Mock Trial tournament will be arguing the case of a 12-year-old boy who slides down a snowfield into a rock and suffers brain damage – arguing for the parent who is suing or for the outdoors group who took him up Medicine Bow Peak.

That is the case of Jesse Platte vs. Mountain Rangers of America, written especially for Wyoming high school teams participating in WHSMT this year. The students will have 12 weeks after release of the case September 1, 2015, to prepare both the plaintiff’s and defense cases for competition in Cheyenne November 21, 2015. The national tournament is in Boise, Idaho, May 12-14, 2016.

The case, tournament rules, rules of evidence and coaching guides are available at Any school can field one or more teams of 6-8 students in grades 9-12. Typically, a teacher sponsor/coach works with local attorneys to help the students prepare for the competition. That means student attorneys write opening statements and closing arguments and prepare direct and cross examinations. Students play witnesses, as well.

Attorneys and judges are urged to help coach a local high school team and to volunteer to score and preside over rounds at the competition in Cheyenne.  Anyone who wants to connect with a school team can contact WHSMT at Scoring volunteer forms will be available at CLE credits will be available.

WHSMT is supported by grants from the Wyoming State Bar.

WHSMT coordinators are Marguerite Herman and Traci Lacock (Hirst and Applegate). Contact them at

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