Virtual Reality: Did You Know You Already Run a Virtual Law Firm?

Most lawyers think of ‘virtual law practice’ as an all-in sort of thing. Either you’re completely virtual, or you’re not virtual at all.  Only, that’s not the case.  Even virtual law practices intending to be totally virtual don’t ever really get there.  For one thing, law firms (due in part to jurisdictional limitations) are almost always physical entities, in some sense, even if the physical entity is a home office and the physical network is a limited number of local referral sources.  So, at least in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to be completely virtual.

And, that notion changes the complexion of this entire conversation.  If a virtual law practice doesn’t have to be totally virtual — what percentage does it have to be virtual?  95%?  92%?  47%?  3%?  The fact of the matter is that it is really hard to define a virtual law firm, which opens up the definition, rather than closing it.

So, if you use an internet-based email service, like Gmail — are you running a virtual law firm?  And, if you use video conferencing — are you running a virtual law firm?  What about epayments?  And, esignatures?  What about a combination of all these things?

The real truth is that nobody knows; and so, your virtual law firm is entirely what you make it, whether it’s a lot virtual, or a little virtual.

Now, isn’t that an empowering thought?

. . .

If you want to find out just how virtual you can get, we can help!

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