VoIP is the MVP: This is the Cloud Software You Need for Your Distributed Workforce

With in-office work still now a very disjointed proposition for law firms, attorneys continue to struggle with managing a distributed workforce — often for the first time.  One particular problem with the new system is managing phone calls.  With administrative personnel, who normally answer the phones, out of the office, and separated from the physical phone systems many law firms still maintain, solo lawyers and small firm attorneys themselves are burdened with tasks generally revolving to receptionists, on days when the usual receptionist is out of the office. That’s a problem for staff (who are blocked from their normal duties), and for attorneys (who are better served delegating the task).

The answer is adopting a VoIP phone system.  VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol’; it is, essentially, a cloud-based phone system.  Hardline phones are connected via PBX (‘public branch exchange’), which makes those systems cost more than VoIP, and forces business phone systems to be anchored to a particular place.  VoIP phones systems, on the other hand, are accessible anywhere, because they’re not tied to particular phones (though they can be), and can utilize ‘soft phones’ instead — which turn any internet-ready device into a dialpad.  This means that your staff can answer your phones from their homes, whether or not they have a firm-issued phone.  VoIP phone systems also offer ‘hunt groups’, which allow you to automate call transfer protocols, based on availability.  And, since VoIP systems are essentially cloud-based tools, they feature interoperability with your other cloud-based tools, like case management software, productivity software and accounting software.

To get started, check out Ooma, Nextiva and RingCentral.

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