Write This Down: Content Marketing is Cheap and Effective

Despite changes to advertising rules, lawyers have marketed themselves in much the same way for generations.  You find an office space, you go out and network, you do good work, and more work comes in.  But, as consumers have become more discerning, and as law firm choices continue to proliferate, lawyers continue to stick with the same marketing strategy they always have.  There is, however, a cost.

As more and more potential law firm clients look for lawyers online, lawyers ignoring that medium risk decreased intake, and consequently decreased revenue.  This is not to say that attorneys don’t understand that the internet is a thing.  To the contrary, lawyers want to access more leads online.  But two roadblocks stand in their way: (1) they don’t know how to do it; and, (2) they think it costs too much.  Fortunately, content marketing solves for both problems.

As a lawyer, you’re an expert in what you do.  You talk about it all the time.  Now, write about.  Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing using content.  If you can write something and publish it online, you’re content marketing.

You can start with a blog.  Think of the ten most common questions your clients have, and write ten plain language responses.  When you publish those, consider how your potential client will search for information online.  If they’re not searching for a lawyer’s name, they’re likely typing in questions, which you’ve answered. Your relevant answers are more likely to come up in search.

Congratulations . . . you’re doing SEO.

And, see how easy it is to write a blog post.  I just did it.

. . .

If you need to get content marketing, we can help.

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