CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Supreme Court issued an order of public censure to Casper attorney John C. Hoard. The public censure stemmed from Hoard’s lack of diligence in representing a client in a bankruptcy matter. The client became frustrated with Hoard’s failure to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition though the client had instructed Hoard to proceed with the bankruptcy many months before. When the client obtained other counsel, the client learned that she had become income-ineligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy two months before she terminated Hoard. The client’s new counsel proceeded with a Chapter 13 petition instead. As a result, the client was required to make $44,000 in payments to creditors that would not have been necessary had Hoard filed a timely Chapter 7 petition on the client’s behalf.

In approving the stipulation of Hoard and Bar Counsel for a public censure as the appropriate sanction for Hoard’s lack of diligence, the Court ordered Hoard to pay an administrative fee in the amount of $750.00 and costs of $50.00 to the Wyoming State Bar.

Order of Public Censure

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