Wyoming Supreme Court Censures Colorado Lawyer

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Supreme Court issued an order of public censure of Loveland, Colorado, attorney N. Joshua Dart.  The disciplinary order resulted from Dart’s representation of a client in a defamation matter.  Dart neglected to pursue the matter diligently and failed to maintain adequate communication with his client, including not informing his client when the court awarded sanctions in the form of attorneys’ fees against the client and ultimately dismissed the case for non-compliance with the court’s discovery orders.  Dart agreed that he committed multiple violations of Rule 1.3 (diligence), Rule 1.4 (communication with client), and Rule 8.4(c) (conduct involving misrepresentation).  Dart voluntarily returned a large portion of the fees paid to him by the client and arranged for payment of all sanctions levied against the client.  Dart and Bar Counsel stipulated that these and other significant mitigating factors weighed in favor of a public censure as the appropriate discipline for Dart’s misconduct.  The Board of Professional Responsibility approved the parties’ stipulation and submitted the matter to the Wyoming Supreme Court, which issued a public censure against Dart.  In addition to receiving a public censure, Dart was ordered to pay an administrative fee in the amount of $750.00 and costs of $50.00 to the Wyoming State Bar.

Order of Public Censure

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