CHEYENNE–The Wyoming Supreme Court has suspended 11 lawyers from the practice of law in Wyoming for failing to comply with the Rules of the Wyoming Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education.

Rule 4 of the Rules of the Wyoming State Board of Continuing Legal Education requires each active attorney to complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing legal education, including two hours of legal ethics, in each calendar year. Rule 10(a) requires attorneys who have failed to comply with Rule 4 to pay a $300 delinquency fee by March 1st. Rule 10(c) requires attorneys who have been recommended for suspension to pay an additional $300 noncompliance fee.

The following attorneys failed to satisfy these requirements for 2021:

  • Sondra Pike Browning – El Dorado, California
  • William Peeler Ewing – Wilson, Wyoming
  • Dana Thomas Farmer – Ogden, Utah
  • Jill Cottle Garrett – Ogden, Utah
  • Donald W. Gregory – Columbus, Ohio
  • C. Stephen Herlihy – Golden, Colorado
  • John James Learned – Laramie, Wyoming
  • Nancy Dolores Mendez – Oxnard, California
  • Dickie Montemayor – San Francisco, California
  • Eric Conrad Thibodeaux – Houston, Texas
  • Mary Jaclyn Thompson – Denver, Colorado

Anyone wishing further information should contact the Wyoming State Bar at (307) 432-2102.

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