CHEYENNE–The Wyoming State Bar today announced that the following attorneys have been suspended from the practice of law in Wyoming for failing to comply with Article I, Sec. 5(b) of the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar by not paying their annual license fees:

  • David A. Belsheim – Denver, Colorado
  • Connor H. Blevins – Denver, Colorado
  • Shayla K. Peel – Boise, Idaho
  • Marykaren E. Ripple – Lafayette, Colorado
  • A. Peter Snodgrass – Buffalo, New York
  • T. Jason Wood – Idaho Falls, Idaho

In order for these attorneys to be authorized to practice law in Wyoming, each would need to cure the suspension by paying the license fee and late fee and then petition the Wyoming Supreme Court for the reinstatement of their license.

If an attorney who is suspended from the practice of law for non-payment of the annual license fee has not petitioned for reinstatement within one year of the date of the order of suspension, such attorney’s membership in the Wyoming State Bar shall be terminated by order of the Wyoming Supreme Court. Such attorney who thereafter seeks admission to the Wyoming State Bar shall comply with the admissions requirements set forth in the Wyoming Rules and Procedures Governing Admission to the Practice of Law.

Anyone wishing further information should contact the Wyoming State Bar at (307) 432-2102.

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