You’ve Got Mail, Everywhere: So, Just Use One Email Account

One consistent bit of trouble lawyers have encountered during this pandemic is adjusting to working from home.  Taking an entire work process and moving it to an out of office location for an undetermined amount of time was never going to be easy.  But, one issue that has been popping up over and over again is email management.  Lots of lawyers who have traditionally managed multiple premise-based email systems are now having trouble moving from home to office and transitioning those messages as they do so.

The problem with premise-based email is that it is tied to the device you’re using  So, if you shift from using a laptop at home to a desktop at the office, you’ve then got to find a way to transfer those messages from one premise-based software, to another.  This is why offices have for so long been outfitted with servers, because they can connect premise-based softwares . . . as long as they’re used in the same, general location.

But, there’s a far easier way to manage all of this: Adopt and use a cloud-based email system.  Gmail has always been an online email program; Microsoft Outlook is also online.  Even if you have email that needs to be forwarded over to a new account, that can be managed, via bulk transfers, potentially with the help of an IT provider.

If every time you change locations, you’re forwarding email from one inbox to the other, the cloud is your answer.

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If premise-based software is tanking your efficiency, we can help.

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