Emotional Rescue: This Is Why Consumers Buy Legal Services

Attorneys hate to think of themselves as “salespeople,” but if you’re a law firm owner/manager, you’re selling things the same way everyone else who owns a business is selling things. Though, you might not be selling what you think you are . . .

Legal consumers are not like you: They don’t know as many Latin phrases as you do.  They don’t care about arcane statutes.  Precedent is meaningless to them.  Heck: they probably don’t even have a ballpoint pen. What they do have is a big problem that they want someone else to solve. And, you’re that someone else; you’re the problem-solver.

Keep that in mind when trying to convert your leads.  They’re stressed; they really want to hire you – and, they’re making an emotional buying decision, which is what most purchases come down to anyway.

Once a potential client is having a retention conversation with you, they’ve already decided that you are competent and that you can help them with their specific issue.

Now, you just need to get out of your own way, and let the sale come to you.

Make them feel comfortable, help them to understand that you’re there to provide them direction, and take all that stress off their back.

If that is the fundamental focus of all of your client engagements, you’ll be sitting pretty when it comes down to looking at your conversion metrics.

. . .

Need a better game plan for talking to leads and clients?  We can help.

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