Let Me Google That For You: 2 Free Tools to Improve Your Web Presence

Many law firms don’t have a better web presence in part because they don’t know enough about their existing web presence to improve upon it.  At a baseline level, most lawyers don’t often Google their own name or the name of their law firm – so, they have no idea what potential legal clients see about them when they are searching for legal services.

Conducting a ‘vanity search’ on Google, however, is only the first step in anteing up to table stakes for online marketing.  You can learn a lot about your website’s performance in search using two free Google tools: Search Console and Analytics.

Search Console gives you a direct view into how your website performs in search, including information about how Google views your site’s performance.  It also allows you to submit content to Google and alerts you to issues Google has identified with your web presence.  The Google Search Console page offers more basic information and training videos.

Analytics is a more complicated system to use, but it offers KPIs (key performance indicators) respecting your websites performance in search, including source attributions.  There are a number of reports law firms can access through Google Analytics that can positively affect web marketing strategy.  Data sets are presented in an engaging visual format that’s easy to leverage.

Most attorneys are perfectionists (the type of people who actually read instruction manuals), and tend to avoid doing things they haven’t mastered.  But there is no harm in at least learning more about your website’s performance in search via two programs that cost you nothing.
And, if you can use the insights gained to improve your web presence, you’re well ahead of the majority of law firms.

You don’t have to become an expert to understand the basics of SEO.

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If you’re searching for better positioning in search, we can help.

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