Pretty Paper: Modern Lawyers Can Still Use Pen and Paper

Just because you want to be a modern lawyer, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your paper.  For lawyers, the love of paper persists; it often hearkens back to a prior age of law practice.  In practice, it’s a tactile sensation.  Many lawyers just like to write on paper, to hold it.  A lot of attorneys still print files to review their.

So, if going full electric makes you uncomfortable, there is a middle ground.  Apps like LiveScribe allow you to  use smart pens and smart paper to capture traditional and nontraditional electronic notes via the traditional mechanism you still love.  Yes, it’s a real ink pen.  Yes, it’s real paper.  Sorry, fountain pens are unavailable.  But, otherwise — it’s the best of both worlds.

I often tell attorneys that, if you can think of a workflow you need covered, there’s a technology tool out there for the job.

It turns out that some of that technology is a gateway to a simpler time.

. . .

Whether you’re paperless or ‘paperful’, we can help you find the technology that works best for you.

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