Reply All: The Second Biggest Hidden Efficiency In Every Law Office

Quick: What are the two things that lawyers do the most?

If you answered: respond to email and create documents, you’d be right.  Yet, even as lawyers spend more time answering emails than maybe anyone else, they’re still using antiquated methods for managing conversations with clients and colleagues.

So, if you’re looking to get a better handle on your inbox, here are a few tools you can apply:

Apply an email management tools that can automate some of your workflow.  If you’re a Gmail user,you already see notifications and tools flowing through that system design to save you time and effort, with respect to automated or suggested replies, nudges and priority inbox options.  But, even if you’re not using built-ins, you could buy into a standalone program, like SaneBox, that will help you to better organize and manage your email.

Push conversations elsewhere.  You can use other communication platforms to supplement email, and to make sure that your inbox only includes ‘mission critical’ information.  The rise of Slack, addition of Microsoft Teams to the Office suite, and the use of similar internal communication tools indicates a strong desire to remove internal work conversations, as well as other business conservations, out of the traditional email inbox.

Integrate other software systems.  By integrating your email client to other software systems, you provide yourself an opportunity to communicate with clients and staff in alternative platforms, e.g. – by using a client portal or building a workflow in a case management system.

. . .

If email is overwhelming you, we can help lighten the load.

The Wyoming State Bar offers free law practice management consulting services through Red Cave Law Firm Consulting.  To request a consult, visit the Wyoming State Bar’s law practice management page, and start running your law firm like a business.

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