Teleprompter: Choosing a Law Firm Phone System

Phone systems, and managing phone systems, are essential for law firms — even if managing lawyers can tend to overlook the importance of such things.  But, in a very real sense, law firm phone systems are really money machines.  Getting a lead to the right person, transferring calls appropriately, accessing a message in a timely fashion, utilizing a system in which leads most often reach humans, even if those humans are part of a contracted virtual receptionist service . . . any or all of those attributes of a feature set and their application can increase your chances of converting a lead by degrees.  You can also utilize phone systems to keep existing clients happy, including by reducing the perceived layers of administration between lawyers and their customers.

As with most technology options that face modern attorneys, there are no easy choices.  Not only is a lawyer’s ethical competency now often tied to their ability to select and utilize appropriate technology, but modern consumers also demand expediency, at almost all levels of process.  And, because the phone is still the most frequently-accessed mode of communication for lawyers (this side of email) it’s important to get that side of the equation right.

Even given the forgoing, attorneys still don’t make choices about phone systems unless they’re forced to: there’s an office move, an existing provider raises prices or is acquired, a physical phone breaks, etc.  But, you don’t need to wait for your hand to be forced before you make a decision to upgrade your phone system.  Opting for a modern VoIP system, with effective routing and voicemail features, is probably an upgrade over what you have, whenever you make the upgrade.

This article offers a useful rundown of phone system options for the modern law firm.

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