Wyoming Supreme Court Censures Wheatland Attorney

By order dated August 19, 2015, the Wyoming Supreme Court publicly censured Wheatland attorney, Frank J. Jones. The censure arose from a complaint that was filed against Jones by former clients who had engaged Jones to represent them in a boundary dispute with a neighbor. Upon investigation, it appeared that Jones had failed to fully inform his clients about Jones’ longstanding relationship with the neighbor/adverse party, that Jones had failed to fully advise the clients about the material limitations his relationship with the neighbor might impose on Jones’ ability to represent the clients, and, that Jones had failed to obtain the clients’ fully informed to consent in a writing to those conflicts of interest. Then during work on the matter, Jones undertook work to advance interests of the neighbor/adverse party without the informed consent of the clients.

Before the disciplinary investigation proceeded to any formal charge before the Board of Professional Responsibility, Jones agreed to stipulate to a public censure. A stipulated motion to that effect was approved by the Board of Professional Responsibility, after which a report and recommendation for such discipline was submitted by the Board to the Wyoming Supreme Court. The Court approved the report and recommendation and ordered the public censure on August 19, 2015. Jones was ordered to fully inform future prospective clients of the facts associated with any client conflicts of interest, to fully advise the prospective clients of the limitations on his future representation associated with conflicts of interest and to obtain fully informed consent in writing signed by the clients. Jones was also ordered to pay an administrative fee of $500 and costs of $50 to the Wyoming State Bar.

Order of Public Censure

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