You Shall Not Pass!: How to Build Memorable (and Secure) Passwords

Password management is no sweat these days — with tools like LastPass, a master password unlocks all doors.  Not only will such a service obviate the need for memorizing any passwords, it will also automatically creates secure passwords for you.  No fuss, no muss.

But, what if you don’t have the volume of accounts that would necessitate the use of a service like LastPass?  Or, what if you’re old school, and like creating your own passwords — you know, ones that you can remember without an assistive device.  I get it.  There’s still a world for you.

Try passphrases.  Whereas most passwords include numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, you don’t necessarily need all that jazz.  Passphrases are just combinations of words and phrases that are potentially meaningless to the rest of the planet, but have some significance to you.  Try to build a passphrase, and you’ll begin to make the right connections.  Their length and complexity make them tough to crack; but, the fact that they are real words, makes them memorable.  Passphrases are a great solution for password management, without the need for a password management system.

However, you should be aware that some software systems will force you to use number or special characters in a password.  Somebody’s always gotta ruin the fun, right?

. . .

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