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Go Green: An Evergreen Retainer Can Help with Collections

It’s not the only solution available, but one method for dramatically increasing your collections is to adopt an evergreen retainer model.  The way it works is: the law firm sets a retainer amount for an initial client payment; and then, moving forward, it’s the client’s job to ‘top off’ that amount, on a recurring basis, when it falls below a predetermined threshold. 

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Draw Me a Map: Intake is Still the Biggest Law Firm Challenge

The stats on law firm intake are pretty damning.  64% of voicemails left for law firms by leads are never returned.  Only 1 in 3 phone calls for law firms are picked up live.  It takes an average of 8 emails to schedule an appointment with a law firm.  Those aren’t the sort of numbers you want to see in an economy driven by consumer convenience.

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