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Silent E: The New Law Firm Default Is Virtual

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the global health and economic infrastructure.  The legal field is still reeling; and, law firms are continuing to adjust to a new world.  For modern law firms to succeed, it’s clear that providing virtual services is now a requirement; it’s no longer optional.  But, taking the ‘e’ out of things like epyaments and esignature, and normalizing those items as ‘just’ payments or signatures is going to take a significant mindset change for the vast majority of lawyers.

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Boilerplate Special: Modern Fee Agreements Should Contain Technology Provisions

Modern legal consumers may want to know about the technology a law firm uses, as well as the data security principles to which it adheres.  Modern legal consumers expect that type of transparency from data and software companies; and, as law firms become more technically viable moving forward, there are going to be more similarities than differences between those two (seemingly wholly different) business models.

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