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To Serve Man: The Time to Adopt the Cloud Is Long Past

If you haven’t fully adopted cloud software, you’re likely storing your documents and email on a server.  But, there are a lot of associated costs for maintaining physical servers, like: the space they require, their need to be cooled, the electricity they suck up, the requirement to manage your own data backup and the frequent replacement cost.

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Web Client: Move Beyond Referral Marketing

All lawyers have marketed their law firms in the same fashion since time in memoriam.  The idea was always to build a personal referral base via business networking, and that the rest would take care of itself.  Even as the world around law firms has changed over time, that one constant has not changed.  But now, if a new report is to be believed, other modes of client acquisition may be outstripping this tried and true option.

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Settle Down: Build a Rate Sheet to Capture More Revenue

The majority of business owners have a very difficult time price setting.  However, much of that effort (meant to define the value for what a professional does) is most often undone by those same professionals.  This is especially true of lawyers, who don’t like to talk with clients about money, and are more than willing to discount their services at the slightest provocation.

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