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Draw Me a Map: Intake is Still the Biggest Law Firm Challenge

The stats on law firm intake are pretty damning.  64% of voicemails left for law firms by leads are never returned.  Only 1 in 3 phone calls for law firms are picked up live.  It takes an average of 8 emails to schedule an appointment with a law firm.  Those aren’t the sort of numbers you want to see in an economy driven by consumer convenience.

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Drive Safe: Cloud Data Storage Is Not Backup

And, this isn’t about Google or Microsoft or Amazon’s server architecture going down in flames — if that happens, we’ve all got real problems — it’s more about creating an alternate pathway to your data.  What if you need a particular file when your document servers are offline for maintenance?  What if there’s an extended power outage, and you can’t get to your files on the web?

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